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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  October 8, 2015 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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>> right now breaking news a massive warehouse fire burning in southwest philadelphia. sky fox is live own the flames tonight intersection of south 70 and kingsessing avenue he. >> and fox 29 dave is live at the scene today. what can you tell us. lucy, i'm off could be's creek parkway on the other side of the fire on 78 you can see behind me all the fire trucks. firefighters just pulled all new hosing into her to pump extra water into the scene. it's three alarms that started 8:30. we'll look at the fire from the vantage point here around the railroad tracks. started 8:30 this evening and with the three alarms in the last few minutes we believe, we
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believe it's old alto sign company it's unoccupied warehouse two to three stories high and firefighters have been out here hundreds at this point on both sides of the warehouse trying to fight this fire. you can see flashes from the fire scene. we have a number of firefighters here now trying to figure out a way to get in along the backside of the warehouse here and across those railroad tracks so they can fight the fire from the other side. a lot of aerial trucks used at this hour. as you can see from sky fox pouring water on the scene you see flashes coming and going. we're told this building has been unoccupied for sometime and may actually be for sale. fire started 8:30 tonight and one alarm, then two alrmz and quickly to three alarms here and about 15 minutes ago. sky fox has best advantage points you can see in there. heavy smoke. flames, approximately 10 to 20 feet high and again, firefighters from across philadelphia have come to the area here and are now flooding
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streets around here. and moving up and down the area looking for it fire hydrants and pulling major hoses in here for the other fire firefighters arriving on the scene to fight the fire from all angles. have not been told about injuries to anyone at this point but again three alarm fires started 8:30 we believe this is old alto sign company burning unoccupied no one inside. firefighters have been here now a good hour and a half. and we'll bring you the latest as it becomes available, guys, back to you. >> warehouse fires always tric tricky to fight. we're keeping an eye on the ground and from above. we're posting all breaking details "fox29".com and remember you can watch live coverage on our web page any time. >> philadelphia city building getting a good so you can scouring from cleaning crews and exterminators bed bug scare
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cents a worker to the hospital. >> they got her on the job. maybe not a good feeling, chris. >> well ki tell you a team of skerment nateers left the city municipal services building lucy about an hour and a half ago. after treating the fifth floor of this building for bedbugs. that crew was called in after an employee inside reported being bitten by a bed bug at work. >> i'm very concerned, very concerned. >> city employees were creeped out say the least after hearing report of bedbugs coming from the fifth floor of the municipal services building home to thousands of city workers. >> angry. dispointed. scared. >> joanne green says it was here friend in the revenue sglement one of our employees was bit by a bed bug.
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>> a city spokesman tells fox 29 no bedbugs were actually found. but out of abundance of caution they called in a crew for a detailed cleaning of several floors. including two spraying treatments kill and help stop breeding bugs. some wonder why the city start waited a full day to start skerment nation. >> we've been there 8 or 9 hours. >> and when bedbugs were reported city hall 311 call center and septa pulled through bus from their system when bedbugs were recently found. thought of the pests had some workers itching just thinking about it. >> i hope i'm not taking nothing home. >> what did they tell you toda today. >> to pull our stuff off the floor and exterminators would come in and spray because of
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how do they put it, creatures. >> and we were told after two separate fumigations tonight that fifth floor and surrounding offices will be on tomorrow. but once again according to the city, no bedbugs were found. >> lucy. >> that's good news right ther there. chris o'connell live thank you very much in center city evening of sky fox and crash rush hour and traffic is a stand still in berks county and you saw it breaking here. five cars and tractor-trailer crashed i 78 nearal he town past 5:00 tonight in the westbound lanes. state police tell us 13 people are hurt and wreck rerouted traffic for hours and all lanes are now back on. >> sky fox over this dramatic scene on the side of the new jersey turnpike that left one person dead. you can see flames erupting from a tanker truck near carney outside of new york city and the truck overturned on the
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shoulder just before the evening rush hour and caught fire shutting down northbound lanes and we learned late tonight the driver of the tan tanker was killed on the ground this is what drivers going the opposite direction saw as they passed the scene. we know an suv was involved and that driver was not hurt. >> on your radar we're looking at end of the week. always looking for the weekend right. with rain on the way if we look live at philadelphia, all right, kathy interesting way t toen the week. >> certainly s. lucy, right now we have a few on ultimate doppler. right now temperatures in the 60s in philadelphia emlook toronto and albany in the 50s behind that front. wind speed light out of north 3 miles an hour and good news for firefighters fighting fire. we're looking at a few calls rolling on through with that cold front overnight tonight. during the day tomorrow we expect sunshine before that rain moves on in. tomorrow morning clouds giving way to sunshine by 9:00 and by the noon hour warming one
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sunshine to around 70. coming upwind, warmth and rain may mean thunderstorms. i'll show you how that impack the weekends coming up. >> all right. kathy. thank you. developing now a murder investigation in mercer county and yesterday we told you about the discovery of a woman's body in hamilton township bar. tonight we know who she is and her death was no accident. fox 29 shawn wilson joins us liver near the scene tonight. shawn investigators are busy putting together the pieces. >> and they are. and an autopsy today determined that jessica prusik was murdered and investigate terz have not said exactly how. tonight they're looking for information to lead them to her killer. >> i knew jessica from work here. we worked together overnight for a couple years. >> nicole can't believe her former co-worker, 38-year-old jessica prusick is dead they worked together broad street diner hamilton township which she was a waitress there a year
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ago. they found her body hamilton township in a park they say she was murdered. >> very, sad, very, very sad. >> police got the call yesterday morning a woman's body was in wood wad area and would not say how she was killed. she saw her two weeks ago when she stopped by. >> normal hi, how are you? she came in to say everybody and say hi. >> near the home where prusick grew up with her grand sglaernts she was a good kid, good kid, smart, like i said she grew up with my daughters. they used to play outside all the time when they were young sfwler he wonders who would hurt prusick, a wife with children. a small memorial is anear where her body was found. >> it's terrible. >> and back here live investigators say if you have any information about what happened you can call either
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hamilton township police or mers ur county prosecutor office, back to you. >> shawna, philadelphia police are hunting for killer of transgender 22-year-old keeshia jenkins beaten and shot in the back in the logan section. she died at the hospital. police don't know cigarette somebody targeted her out of hate but her death set off a social media campaign. advocates are hoping #sayhe #sayhername race as wareness for epidemic of violence against transgender people especially women of color. the city is offering 0,000 for information that leads to arrest and conviction of her killer. >> and we're getting new information tonight about the lockdown at martin luther king high school this morning. police say the gun question has been found. and four juveniles are facing chargesments earlier this morning they heard the reports of mlk students with a gun and there was not an actual threat and the school was put on lockdown while lease looked for them and he was got there.
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officials say he has not atten attended classes at all this year and second consecutive day of lock downs and day after a philadelphia university area threat parents with getting worried. >> it's instinct and you're supposed to protect your child. so i came to get him today. as a parent you go with your gut. that's it. >> and a gun was reported mying a few day earlier and police say it passed through hands of several teenagers, four are now being charged with firearm violations as well as receiving stolen property. still no gun and no charges more than 36 hours after a lockdown at the community college of philadelphia. police raised to the spring garden campus yesterday morning after reports of a man with gu gun. a student telling investigators a 17-year-old pulled a weapon on him and the the detectives arrested the suggest suspect and have not been able to find a begun l glin. so far no charges against him. >> in and out of this store in
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less than three minutes. loot of 0 grand. >> and she thought she found a great deal for a popular skin treatment and wound up burned badly. >> they can damage our skin. >> now, scarred, this local woman is warning that will make you think twice of cashing in on a good bargain. >> and arrested accused of pointing a gun at 8-year-old boy. why he's not denying it. >> "empire" fans listen up. woman joaquin hooked up with. >> a massive fire continues to burn. >> a massive fire continues to burn. we have sky
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>> we're staying on top of breaking news in southwest philadelphia tonightment fire fighters are working to get it fire under control look now at how bad it was a few hours ago. the warehouse fire started 90 minutes ago near 70 street and cobbs creek parkway. fire officials state building was empty and no one was hurt. rights now they're doing their best to get extra water to the scene. still no word how this fire may have startd two teens in the hospital tonight after a car crash in northeast philadelphia just past 4:00 this afternoon and the two cars collided injuring three people. doctors released one pen and other two in critical condition about to be transferred to cho chop. one person walked away from the crash with minor injuries. >> three and four-year-old brothers walking several blocks home alone after a school bus mix-up. their parents furious that the school district tries to find out what happened. >> cute little guys.
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fox 29 spoke to the boy's father who is demanding answer answers. >> i'm thanking god my kids are here gi the grace of god. >> kevin whitehead cannot believe his little boys walked roma flown wister elementary school on monday sglavrn why was no one there to protect and watch my kids. how did 3 and 4-year-old manage to walk out of a school building and nobody knew about it and nobody cared and reached out and called me. >> philadelphia school district says it appears the boys and girls club of germantown mistakenly picks the young brothers up thinking they were part of their program. >> the after school program said it's time to go and these young children probably just followed. now we're looking at how did that happen and what happens to the students when dropped back off at the school. >> fortunately the two brorps knew the way home since mom and dad walk them to school every
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day it's a good six an a half blocks. >> no cars. >> and they had to cross two busy roads. holding hands they stopped at relates like dad taught them. >> i walk straight and turn and walk straight. >> were you scared at all. >> no. >> if i had not been home, if my kids came down and rung my bell, where would they be right now. would it it be amber alert or hit by dare don't understand. >> the boy's forge didn't know about this until the daycare provider told him the boys were not at school but missing and the school district acknowledge today dropped the ball and it's reviewing its policies. >> so the school will send a letter to parents tomorrow detailing the procedures and to make sure this does not happen again. >> the boys and girls club told me over the telephone earlier today that they were just trying to help the boys when they were standing outside. they issued a revised statement later in the day saying that the boys were not part of their
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program, and they're just glad the brothers are safe. in in way acknowledging any kind of responsibilities. the school district says it's reviewing video to see exactly where the boys walked home from because that is not clear. dawn tim any, fox 29 news. >> happy they got there. haul of fame wrestler jim jury snuka will be going to trial for murder. prosecutors stay a 1983 snuka killed his 23-year-old girlfriend and former wrestler maintained innocence ever since and investigate towards reopened the case against him last year saying inconsistencies autobiography raised new questions. >> montgomery county mom pleaded guilty today accused of giving heroin to her teen daughter and her daughter's boyfriend. and this is video from last october when patricia sue davenport was arrested and police say she brought her 15-year-old and 8-year-old stepson with her to buy the
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drugs for months and according to police it was not just her whine she bought cocaine and prescription drugs and investigators say she showed her daughter how to use theer heroin. davenport pleaded guilty to endangering welfare of a child and position with intent to deliver. >> meanwhile a chester county mom is in jail tonight on 50,000 bail accused of inges ingesting her daughter and another teen with heroin. jessica lynn riffy and her boyfriend were arrestsed this week and teens are in custody of family members. >> new jersey priest at center of incident involving 8-year-old boy and unloaded antique muss ket. reverend kevin carter entererd plea of got guilt anyburgen coney. the priest point the functioning muss ket at the boy inside the churchch the whole thing was a joke between fans of rival pro football teams. >> i know that he and his family came into the rectory on september 13 to have some good
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natured fun about a football game that was going to take place later that night. >> bergen county prosecutor doesn't think it was a joke. police confirmed the priest pointed cuss ket at the boy and said she was going to shoot hi him. >> he gave his life protecting and serving and now the philadelphia police department is hon oing are sergeant wilson sacrifice and dedicated police hero to him and special ceremony today one of special honors received hevd medal of hon ar and made ol of voll lor and the second one dedicated in 2015. barber shot and killed wilson at a game end up in philly last march. he was there bying a birthday gift for his son. >> a guy running half naked, that is not the most shocking part about this arrest. what we think he did inside beyonce's house before he made a run for it. >> take a look at this mom's face. she says the same stare got her little go kicked out of school.
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why their school us is spent i ised him offer a staring contest. >> and what do you think? mad manor mad scientist chip kelly taking heat for the eagles -- what he admitted for the first time today about the eagles -- what he admitted for the first time today about the birds' future >> good evening, everybody, good news. a bridge opening route 23, route 3 bridge in phoenixville top traffic. it's been close aid couple months there as they made repairs going over pickerring creek. and that's been a god send for everybody through phoenixville even the folks duceing detour on 42 2. lot of construction on the overnight. if you know anyone that went down top stevie wonder concert tonight on the way home there will be construction. ouj on 95 northbound at con avenue and we're going to be eat going tomorrow and we'll hit the road and jump in a news van and head to mercer cafe in the navy yard. breakfast tomorrow morning.
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i'll see you there beginning 9 pbg anticipating see you on i'll see you there beginning 9 pbg anticipating see you on your tv right and e e e e e
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>> we're staying on top of braeinging news in southwest philadelphia. they're still working to get
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the fire under control. no one is hurt. right now they're doing their best to get extra water so the scene. we'll have a live report in a few minutes. >> dramatic body cam video out of cleveland as five nroyvrz draw weapons on a man with a gun. march 11, 64-year-old theodore johnson shot an officer in bulletproof investigate twice. vest.ffice and then raised his weapon again and the officer shot and killed him. prosecutors say the cop showed remarkable restraint and left with no choice but to on fire. >> drop the gun. drop the gun. drop the gun. just drop the gun. >> no. >> you don't want to die. >> i do want to die. >> drop the gun. >> you don't. >> now don't. >> imagine the tension and pressure there. the officers involved will not face any charges.
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their police union president said they should all return to full duty next week. >> coastguard ended serve for missing members of u.s. cargo ship efaro that sanction during hurricane joaquin rescue teams were looking for the crew since it came across 140 mile an hour winds and 50 foot waves and coastguard found empty life raft and empty survival suits and other debris. >> two parents lose appeal to get son back in school. >> why did the school suspend him in the first place staring at another students. >> he intimidated her. >> his mom would not let his son go on camera. that other student said she felt threat end and so the school suspended boy the parents took it to court and judge dismissed occasions. cincinnati schools says the punishment is consist went handbook. the school will not comment on the judge's decision and
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parents have yet to decide whether they're going to appea appeal. >> barbershop spin on black lives matter movement many call offensive. why the shop's owner says he's not backing down. >> and she thought she found a great deal for a popular skin treatment and wound up burned badly. now scarred this local woman's warning that will make you think twice of cashing in on supposed good bargain, kathy. >> clear for now and not for long. we're watching area of low pressure spinning up you can see it moving in the great lakes and it's wind and rain for us. lakes and it's wind and rain for us. we'll time it out plus week
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>> fox 91 live at the scene tonight what's happening dave. >> lucy we are closer than we were before, 250 feet away from the fire. ta a look here. there's at least three aerial truck at back end of warehouse fighting the fire from above. it's only the roof area. flames diminished quite a bit
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in the last few minutes it's a three alarm fire unoccupied warehouse 70 and kingsessing and a mispoke before and said this was alto sign company building behind that it looks about a three story building and has a large water tower station on the back ends of it and fire fighters fighting the fire tonight and no injuries at this point it's as i three alarm fire unoccupied warehouse and firefighters been out here since 8:30 went from one alarm quickly to two alarms and then three alarms right before we went on the air at 10:00. you can see fire fightsers still fighting this with aerial trucks to our left there. let's of guys on the ground and continuing to fight the fire no injuries and the building is unoccupied, guys, back to you. >> thank you, a georgia man accused of unspeakable crimes against his fiancee's daughter. even breaking down a door to attack her.
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>> waits until you see what dashcam caught as police puldz up fox's doug evans explains. >> sheriff department video camera caught images of shay lynn about to flee half dressed as deputies respond todd 911 call for help if a home in sharpsburg. >> hey guy. >> shay lynn is behind bars at the could be way county jail for sexual assault of a woman's 12-year-old daughter monday night. >> when he left the house he was practically nude had on a tee shirt. >> go. go. face down. face down. hands behind your back. >> investigators say pane was left alone to baby sit woman's 12-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son and pane chased the 12-year-old through the home and broke down the bathroom door she was hiding
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and attacked the girl in front ever the 4-year-old and investigators say the mother at work returned home and was unable to stop the attack even after smashing a glass dish on payne's head injuries he had when deputy as rested him. >> hi bud. high guy. >> they charged payne for several cilz on that attack and more charges are on the way. >> things getting hairy for one massachusetts barbershop after the owner tries to put his own spin on the black lives matter movement. and this is tom's barbershop sign outside says black labs matter the owner is tongue and cheek way of supporting massachusetts spca. he's facing a lot of back lash on social media and says he will not back down. still a lot of people juan the sign gone. >> it's offensive there's so many tragedies around racial issues lately and really it's
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not a joke what he said is not funny. >> the owner addressed some criticism on facebook telling people to "lighten up." >> let's check in with fox 29 weather authority. meteorologist kathy or. >> it's a beautiful night lucy no issues tonight partly cloud dwroy clear sky. the temperature, 66. high today, 75. a light wind out of north at 3 miles an hour. we is a cold front coming an ep can sue seat contour see blue through canada. that's cooler n air moving in overnight. toronto 54. albany 59. philadelphia still holding on to 66. milder temperatures to the south. 70s. high today in deep south in the 80s. and solve that warm air is going to move our way. but not so fast. cold front moves through tonight. tomorrow morning starting off with a few clouds. high pressure builds in. you have northerly wind it's a dry windy expect sunshine and
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cooler than it was today. all eyes on this storm system you see it right over the great lakes. this push as warm front through friday morning. friday morning maybe a few sprinkles and a warm front and the main event is this cold front it moves through in the afternoon and the noon hour no problem and strong southerly winds ahead of this warping us up close to 80 on friday and whipping wind and front moves on through with showers during the evening rush and maybe a rumble of thund her and nice weather behind that for the weekend. for friday, morning winds gu gutting to 35 miles an hour and it's warm wind and southerly wind and temperatures very close to 80. soaring some 10 above normal for friday afternoon rain during the evening rush and a few rumbles of thunder. overnight tonight no weather woes. 52 suburb ubz and typical october night. during the morning hours tomorrow we'll look for temperatures warming up and by the afternoon, 73 in philadelphia. pot town 69.
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7 your high temperature in wilmington. as we look ahead forecast for tomorrow in the 70s. 7 day forecast calling for temperatures to stay in the 70 70s. soaring friday. and in the city i'm going 78 but as i mentioned some spots making it to 80. saturday, morning clouds and cooler. temple football game. good football weather. sunday, nice for birds and monday happens to be columbus day. it will be stellar as temperatures stay in 70s. >> not rainy wow looking good. >> all right. thank you kathy. >> a head turning crime played out in front of surveillance near cam pa watch as this guy pulls out an ax and use today to bash in front window of jewelry store and called on through dragging trash can behind him and loaded it one watches and other julie and gate way driver pupd up and they were gone. >> one company trying to change the way online retailers do business. if you visit mod cloth you
3:35 am
won't find plus any time soon. fashion should be about style not size to they're retiring the term. they're known for being prog grensive they just took on a transgender model and they're taking on the label plus side they have no use expect for it being ugly. they started selling plus size clothing and regular catalog and hoping other retailsers will do the same. >> norence italy in septemberer city philadelphia. helping to showcase the tall epts of three fashion designer designers. creations are part of the boar board's pop upshot. they get their hands on designer handbags and jewelry and shoes it's all between mrld and florence. >> eagles head coach chip kelly changes hi tune and what the coast admitted for the first time today. >> well we know the eagles need to win. and he knows the eagles need to win before the wheels start
3:36 am
falling off chip kelly said execution of plays plays. it's more than that. yes the head coach took more of the plane. >> will i do a better job and put us in better situation and we got a little bit of manageble their down situation in terms of always number third and long percentage wise you're not going to convert as much as you will short and third and short and medium it's an effort for us to do it good. we'll see what happens sunday. players seem to be taking more responsibility as well. hear from a player that he's says he has to do a better job in a few years and sam bradz ford admits he hears the fans. >> she thought she found a great deal for popular skin treatment and wound up burned. >> they don't now how to treat our kin skin they can damage our skip. this woman will make you think twice about washing in on good program.
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>> "empire" fans, the woman hakeem hooked up with. >> and sex can make you healt healthier it can change your plans before bed sglont did you hear him. >> i know. >> stay tuned to find out. >> curious. >> curious. >> sing it marvin‚ô™
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our show tomorrow. >> we're staying on top of breaking news southwest philadelphia let's go there. fire fight rerz still working to get right there, that is hard to see. this is good news. a lot of smoke going on. it was a massive firech the building was unoccupied and nobody is hurts that's good news there and they're doing the best to drown this thing with as much water as possible. >> a local woman grabdz a great bargain and gets burned so bad she has the scars to treat. it a cosmetic treatment in the thousands she found for a few hundred. >> she may have let the dollar
3:41 am
signs puts her health at risk. the real place she made for the discount. >> keeping pace with her pro athlete drive is a full time job for paris nicole payton. >> i'm a publy signatures in public eye. >> behind the camera and in front of the camera she's got to look good. good and smooth. >> i get my under arms and have side burns done and bikini area sdmre so for more than two years now paris nicole has been hooked on the newer laser hair removal treatment. one that can zap hair from african americans. >> like it was never there. >> and i get the nape of neck done because my hair is short and my skin is very sensitive and i break out from razors. >> but it got pricey. paris nicole spending hundreds to thousands on laser hair removal.
3:42 am
she went searching for discounts and found some. >> i thought it was great deal three treatments for a price under $500. >> she could not make it through one. >> i told her this is unbearable and abnormal for me. and i need you to stop. and when i left there my neck was on fire. >> deposit take long to see why. >> i get to work and someone immediately pointed out to me that my back of my neck was red and bliingterring up. and i just lost it. i started crying and i looked in the mirror and i just said, what in the world just happened? >> she didn't know the provider but she got a deal. so. >> why not? >> you have to make sure when you go for that deal that you check out who is doing the procedure. don't just assume they know what they're doing. >> paris nicole got burned, badly. it was the most horrific experience ever. >> dermatologist robin la vin of south jersey skin care and laser septemberer does not
3:43 am
treat paris nicole but she's no stranger to her skin type you. >> want to make sure darker skin patient is getting treatment done with longer wavelength laser that's more protective to darker skin. >> she says a slight burn or even a small bliingter can happen which is why patients must sign a waiver before treatment. >> with any laser treatment it can happen. typically they heal find and it's not an issue. there's a risk no matter who is doing it, it does happen. >> but it doesn't have to happen like this. >> we just -- i'm at a loss for words. >> this is parisic nicole's neck a long time later. >> this will take a long time to heal and hopefully won't leave a permanent scar. >> healing ointments over the counter and medicated an eye buy otics should help and bleaching cream may be needed and paris nicole is kicking herself for chasing deals without doing research.
3:44 am
>> for me this is about educating african-american women about laser hair removal. >> she said it's also important to know how much lays rerz serviced and using them with extra care. >> why is it important. >> it's important because if they don't know how to treat our skin they can damming our skin. >> this is how paris nicole's neck is looking three and a half weeks later she's healing but. >> if it ain't broke don't try to fix it. >> stay where you are. >> and she got a full refund on her deal. joyce avenue apps, fox 29 new on her deal. joyce avenue apps, fox 29 new news. >> got to go to a doctor you trust. listen to this one. having sex more often may boost health in other key areas and we're talking about women here. researchers say half women that participated in suddeny were sexually active and other half had no sex at all not only did sexually active women have stronger immune systems
3:45 am
fertility rates increased. >> why does more sex mean women are healthier and more fotal it occurs in the journal for fertility and sterility. >> he plays son of lushious lion and ex-wife cookie on empire he worked local music connections to head back stage with was yaz. >> the biggest tv show is one-on-one with bash year gray aka yaz and aka hakeem on the set of empire. >> this is new poll table legend dairy and we had great scenes naomi. >> west philadelphia wrapper turned actor was shokt naomi
3:46 am
campbell was his lover interes interest. >> i'm literally laying on a table sean she walks in the do dog. i didn't know she was supposed to be there. she walks in and i'm mroen awa away. we talk and chemistry builds and great scene. >> this is area where cookie and -- have a fight. >> yes, season two will be better than season one. >> season two is like season one on steroids. and the music is better. >> we need to do exclusive behind the scenes for viewers out there on "empire" set. we have seen hakeem's lion den can we go other places. >> this is director station. >> cut. >> here. >> cut, cut. >> cut, cut. >> we need to you see this and do that. >> dynasty will crush the
3:47 am
"empire" good you know how i knew you made it. >> no. >> right auto here. >> i see yaz this is your own customized chair there. >> god is good that's all ki say. >> and this is lushious bathroom master bathroom. >> what is this year. >> his shoes these are the shoes you know. >> ki be like lush us real quick. starting to dproom for success. >> you all got to takeover this. >> all right. >> we head to his living room. >> this location really is about -- >> >> i never he let anything come between friendship. >> a lot of situations happen anyone this area. this is the eating room. this is where the family eats.
3:48 am
>> we want to thank you. >> we have discussions and family conflicts at this table. >> we head to the hair department and look a ash barbershop we run into a friend. >> we got a name. lion dynasty. >> one of greatest barbers, >> hi, nolan. >> it takes an hour to do yazz shack eeming haircut. >> retro high top urban is creating his own staff. so the young kids can mimic. >> i tell nolan every time i go on the road little kids have the same part from episodes. >> i thought would be school. >> with you can give us one word that describes this shn thursday far what's one word
3:49 am
that describes the season for us. >> unpredictable. >> fox 9 news. >> what a wild ride. oh, eagles they actually may a game sunday that could set the top are the rest of the season and the players know it. top are the rest of the season and the players know it. and the fans will let
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>> 24 teams since 1990 have made the record. one would be unthinkable. eagles played new orleans four and a half point favorites here on sunday. many know they can't lock at anyone but themselves. >> all ki say if i was going to really be critique would it be by end as an individual. i know i have to get better. best thing i can do to help the team look in the mirror and find a way. >> to the players not happy. fans are not happy either. and players know which that happens in a game. >> i don't think they were happy with our start against dallas. we're not happy with it either. we're at frustrated obviously
3:53 am
we do everything we can to get it fixed it's obviously not fun going to half time trying to it fixed it's obviously not fun going to half time trying to figure out how we dig ourselves
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>> fox 29 news. good day philadelphia. >> remember
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>> live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. this morning, only on fox, local and federal investigators are putting the squeeze on violent gang, hear from the mother of one of those victims as she fights for justice for her son. good morning. >> reporter: i'm quoted ozzie osborne twice on good day philadelphia, first quoting mick jaggar, we have rats on the west side, bed bugs uptown, what a mess, i'm in tatters, i've been shattered. yes, more bed bugs across the street from city hall this time. dave? >> reporter: and good morning to you, we're in southwest philadelphia where fire crews are still on the scene of a blaze, three alarm fire, that gut add


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